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Inukjuak ᐃᓄᒃᔪᐊᒃ

Located on the Hudson Bay coast, Inukjuak is home to a population of approximately 1,820 people. Originally called Port Harrison at the start of the 20th century, Inukjuak was a fur trading post established by the Révillon Frères company. The Hudson Bay Company soon after established their own trading post and eventually bought out the Révillon Frères and held a fur trade monopoly until 1958.

In the 1950s, the Inuit were slowly starting to settle in the community and give up their nomadic ways. In 1962 the cooperative store opened its doors.
Inukjuak was one of the first cooperatives to join the ranks of the Federation soon after the Federation was founded, and today has one of the most experienced and hard-working groups of employees.

The community does have a dark chapter in its history. In 1953, the Government of Canada forcefully relocated Inuit 2000 km north of Inukjuak to serve as "human flag poles" in Resolute Bay and Grise Fjord, in order to have a Canadian presence in the High Arctic and prevent other nations from expanding into that territory. This move separated families and the relocated Inuit had to face a much harsher climate and quickly adapt to their new surroundings.

The Art
For a long time, Inukjuak has been one of the most prominent communities for sculptures and craft. Their carvings are easily recognizable from their forest-green serpentine stone, high gloss and refinement. They would depict scenes of every day life such as hunting, fishing, families, legends, and arctic animals, in great detail.

Notable artists (past and present) include:

  • Johnny Aculiak (1951-2008)
  • Akeaktashuk (1898-1954)
  • Jimmy Arnamisa (1946-2003)
  • Aisa Aupaluktak (1942-2018)
  • Lucassie Echalook (1942-)
  • Noah Echalook (1946-)
  • Thomasie Echalook (1935-2011)
  • Eli Elijassiapik (1936-2015)
  • Harry Elijassiapik (1943-2012)
  • Simeonie Elijassiapik (1948-2012)
  • Adamie Inukpuk (1943-2017)
  • Charlie Inukpuk (1941-)
  • Daniel Inukpuk (1942-2015)
  • Jeannie Inukpuk (1935-)
  • Johnny Inukpuk (1911-2007)
  • Mary Inukpuk (1947-)
  • Jobie Iqaluk (1970-)
  • Pauloosie Kasudluak (1928-2018)
  • Samson Kingalik (1937-2010)
  • Josephie Nalukturuk (1936-2017)
  • Samson Nastapoka (1931-)
  • Sarah Nastapoka (1925-)
  • Adamie Ningiuk (1948-)
  • Conlucy Niviaxie (1940-2012)
  • Andrew Nulukie (1974-)
  • Josie Nulukie (1931-1980)
  • Minnie Paliser (1928-)
  • Abraham Niaquq Pov Talirunili (1927-1994)
  • Jobie Ohaituk (1946-)
  • Eli Weetaluktuk (1952-)
  • Lucy Weetaluktuk (1923-2014)

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