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Wholesaling Inuit art since 1967.
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A Rich History

Making its first appearance in southern markets in the late 1940s, Inuit art really gained world-wide acclaim at Expo 67 in Montreal. But the history of Inuit art goes back a lot further than that...

Handmade Stone Sculptures

Artists will mostly extract carving stone near their community making it easy to tell where a particular sculpture is from.
Materials Characteristics

Taking Shape

Learn how a refined piece of art emerges from a rock!
Sculpting Techniques

Inuit Communities

Art Nunavik represents Inuit artists from all 14 Nunavik (Arctic Quebec) communities.
Villages of Nunavik List of Artists

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The Inuit of Nunavik (Northern Quebec) have a rich artistic tradition that is admired by enthusiasts the world over. Through their art and imagination, Inuit artists offer us glimpses of their traditions, beliefs and legends.

Since 1967 La Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec, through its marketing agency Art Nunavik, has been promoting art produced by artists living in Nunavik communities. Whether you are a seasoned collector, contemplating retailing Inuit art or simply interested in world art, we invite you to discover the art of Nunavik.

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Are you a collector or looking for a unique, handmade, 100% Canadian gift for that person who has everything? Here are the galleries and shops that carry Inuit art from Nunavik!

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Art Nunavik does not sell directly to the public.

Top sculpture: Lucassie Echalook, Inukjuak.
Title: "This man got an otter and is joyful. Otters are rarely caught because they dwell in rivers and are hard to hunt."